Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Drinking DAY!

I love how when your drunk all you have to do is tilt your head and you enter a new world. tonight after drinking day began I called over my best friend Allen.

Hes one year older then me. My mother loves him. hes her highschool best friends son. Ive known him for as long as ive known Queenie. But hes always been a year older then me. almost two if your counting in months. which means hes always felt like i'm some sort of imbecile.

I know hes supposed to be my friend but I kind of always feel like hes the bighgest fuck of a person Ive ever met. he sucks mega cock. I feel like he must thinknhes better then me. he geos to a nice school.blonde (short)... (meaning GAY) hair. Wears ambercrombie and smokes cigars while he walks through crocker park like he thinks hes some sort of fucking bad ass. really all he needs is a good fuck. but who am I to point fingers. Any way, hes my best friend and I hate his guts XD

I started drinking day's actual drinking at 5. What decent person would drink before 5? besides thats all the time I need to finish my chemistry homework and get into my english paper. /i kinda hate english. Nothing can be accomplished from english accept for story telling. Thats what im doing right now. And i suck balls at life. so .... storytelling is officialy pointless. there is no such thing as hero any more.

I came home and opened my bottle of wine. Its 13 proof 750 ML of dark red wine. (and as always some vodka, which (by now) I am far into. I plan on drinking all the wine. the whole bottle. And i plan on having three or four shots of vodka (diluted.) Its hard for me to get drunk. I think its because my grandmother was an alcoholic.  Idk. I settle into my room. I diont ave much in my room. probably because Im so boring. A desk for homework and my lap top and a few posters. A closet where my dresser is and a futon. a few posters fall on the walls. the room is still kinda empty. but im not materialistic. I dont spend my money on things. only gass and dinner occasionally and alcohol once a week. and cards too. but thats not expensive unless your an idiot

my parents and my older sister (32) buy me clothes. So shut the blinds and turn off the celing lights. then I pop in a beasty boys CD open the vodka and pour myself a shot of vodka in a glass. i add monster to it. drink three more identical concotions down. and jam to the music. pop open my bottle of wine.

this week the other is dark red wine. by the time I'm into the wine i feel pretty good. i wrote my last entire blog.
I fucking love wine. I dont want to sound like a pussy fuck but really its great. so stingy and somethign I can drink that will really make me alert. Beer is good for movies. But wine is good for other things. music and blogg writing. I suppose. :) I like that i feel like a bloggg writer now.

Any way. My lips are stained purple from this lovely god send wine. nothing expensve 8 bucks. beastie boys blaring. Im on my third glass and feeling pretty good. Ive decided now is a good time to re group my magic the gathering deck. once its perfected and the beasty boys CD goes silent. I pop in some Bush and call allen. Ready to whoop his ass at magic and share some wine inreturn for his cigars his mohter doesnt know he has and my mother doesnt know I smoke. Still. Bad ass. think about it? card game dim lamp light and cigar smoke? wine? gotta love it.

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