Thursday, February 23, 2012


Ok so SEX. Sex. I will admit. I am 17. I will be 18 this year, and I’ve only had sex twice. With two people. WITH TWO WOMEN. Sorry. Not just people. The first time was about 7 months ago at a party. This party was fuckin awesome, in the bedrooms the girl had little bowls on the nightstands filled with glow in the dark condoms. (ok well there were only three rooms, but that’s good enough.) the fourth room belonged to her little brother and that would just be wrong. So. Parents out. Huge house party, lasted till one before the cops got called and everyone fled the scene. I don’t normally run so im out of shape but I have long legs and I was scared shitless so I got the fuck oout of there pretty damn quick. But ehhherrrmm. Yeah. High School party, everyone was drinking so was I. I was a leeeetle drunk that night so I can say I don’t remember much of it. My first time. The girls name was becka annd I think she was related to jaba the hut. Also she was nutty or something because she just kinda fuckin pounced on me and was like gurgling and growling “PENIS IN MY VAGINA”. . . “RAWWWWWEERRRRR”. So we had sex.
The girl? Erm. . . she was hot. Wellllllllll basically hot. Her name was Becka. I don’t know anything else about her. And yeah I guess she was just “first time hot.” Never saw her again. Used a condom, so she cant rape me for child support. Sure she was fat and maybe a bit sweaty. DOESN’T MATTER HAD SEX.
Now the second time I had sex was one month laster in late September. I had outdoor gym class with this really hot girl whose name was summer. She had brown hair and wore bright red spankies, THE WHOLE SEMESTER.  She even went so far as to put her hair in pigtail ribbons and wear knee high socks. She just did what all the other volley girls did, but 10 times better. She wasn’t very funy, she wasn’t very smart, but she thought I was cute and I told her I wrote her a poem and that was it. She was sold. We never dated, we went to the mall a few times as friends and then I drove her home one day and she told me to come inside. I, being an idiot had no clue and asked her why and she said “ I want you to tell me another poem.”  And so while I being such the Shakespearian master grand funky love pimp that I am recited her some love poems while she much to my astonished amazement undressed on her bed in the corner opposite me. Lets just say I didn’t make it very far before I was all over her. The most intense thing was because she sat me down and said, ok tell me something romantic.  And she sat all on her knees on the bed smiling slightly and watching at me with such a vixen stare that my eyes were glued to hers. And then never looking away from me once she slowly started to slip out of her clothes.

Only I knew she was staring right at my eyes so I knew she would know if I looked at her breasts or her lovely lady parts and I felt IDIOTICALLY unsure of how she wanted me to react in the situation so I kinda just stumbled with things. But eventually instinct kicked in and everything was put into place. And ohhhhh she had those sexy little tan lines from her bikini. I die for tan lines. Idky.
We started out me on top. Things were going good. . . for a bit. . . But then because I’m so goddamned skinny and weak My arms got really tired, and I was in missionary position, so I mean for all male readers out there I’m sure you know that can be tiring. So I didn’t want to look like an idiot, so I say. “ I want to feel closer to you” so then I lay on my elbows and put more weight on her chest. Which probably wasn’t fair. And it didn’t work really well either because soon she was kinda getting out of the swing of things and making these difficult faces, so I freaked out and didn’t want her to start like giving out on me or anything so I tell her “why don’t you get on top, so I can see your curves” Now I know that’s a bit awkward but you gotta admit Im smooth. She eagerly was willing to switch sides with me and then I didn’t have to do as much work, and I know she had more control over sex so things could go her way. And no one ever had to know I was a weak little bitch. The sex was awesome I felt like running around and screaming and singing afterwards.
So those are my sexual experiences. Its probably illegal for a minor to write about sex in a public blog isn’t it? Oh well, I’m going to hell any way.

That was six months ago and I would really like it if I could have sex again, only not just a onetime thing this time. I think I would really like to be in a relationship first. I think I’m bored with sex with strangers.  

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