Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hello blogging community.

I just thought of two alterations that would make the above title that much more interesting, and perhaps even enhance the level of interest I have in my situation at the moment as well. One is "hello blogging commune" 

but not like community, instead a hippy commune full of tents and vagabonds, poker and accordion players alike.

The second one was "hello Flogging community. . . Which, I mean, I don't know about you but Id love to be a part of that community. s and m and what not. ;D

Sooooooooooooooooo. This be me blog I sup’ose. Rargh and Argh and all that. I guess I like talking like a pirate. Not enough to keep it up though eh? Hmm… That sounded like a horrible sexual innuendo. I really would love to get the horrific images of captain hooks dissapointed face out and far away from my imagination.

Great Scott this is probably the most lame blog ever written. But no one is going to look any way. And I’m used to being lame. That’s pretty much All I’ve ever been for the longest time. Lame. Right, right! I Know I sound like the emo teen poster child, and you’d be surprised, I look the part too. 
But I’m dead serious.  Im not asking anyone to take pity on me. I’m simply admitting to exactly how boring I truly am. I have nothing to do. AT ALL. Not a god damned single thing. So I wandered around the inter webs after a long adventurous exploration of all the blogs on here ive realized that I might fit right in. With myself being boring and what not. Now this might offend some people (but no one’s reading the crap I write any way right?) so I don’t really give a damn, aha. I mean come on bloggers, Take a look at yourselves. Or should I say ourselves now, Since now Ive joined your ranks. Still. I certainly don’t care about the day in day out crap you post on here every day.
“I cooked a GREAT pumpkin pie yesterday!!! Here’s the recipe! :D” no no no thank you. 

There are thousands of blogs on here and there all pretty much people just yakking about the shit they do every day. Or how they’ve overcome some sort of mediocre obstacle, like realizing what a jerk they were in high school, or losing 30 pounds after having a baby. I know I don’t care about your kid, and I don’t really want to see a picture of his snaggle tooth face all up close on my computer screen. I don’t care HOW cute your daughter looks as a baby in the bath, I promise you, When shes 16 she’s going to wanna chop your head off woman!

         But I suppose it’s like what my friend Queenie said,
she says a blog is like some ones diary and their brave enough to post it online to share with friends and family and the world then you should treat their braveness with respect. That’s queenie for you tho. Always saying even the smallest simple thing is “brave”.  But who am I to judge?

I am boring too. And most of those mothers and mediocre goal achievers have something I truly don’t. A sense of accomplishment. They feel they’re really doing something. I won’t ever have that. Because all I do all day long is nothing. Listen to music; float around Cleveland like a ghost. Visit Tower City and hide from the wretched ghetto youths that have managed to stay in school long enough to still torment me all the way up to my junior year. I can’t believe I made it this long. No I’m not a sissy. I’m not whining, complaining that I get the shit beat out of me far too many times. but its not the physical crap that gets me  ITS THE GODDAMNED MUSIC! Ill take the beatings anyday over Flocka wacka what ever the fucka! I don’t really care about that. I’m not a lover but I’m not a fighter either. I guueesssss I'm the quiet guy who shrugs it off. Im far  too tall for many of them to even manage to knock me down any way. they kinda just bump into me. Its hilariously awkward.

These teens are simply just too damn annoying. That’s all. They all think they’re going to be millionaires, focusing on their “rapping careers” instead of life choices. I’ll be surprised if they make it to college with their kind of focus. But again, who am I to judge? I might get good grades, but I don’t really have a plan. I’ll probably stay at home, be happy if I even manage to get myself to Tri C. kind of feel much more like sleeping for a year and then figuring out what I’d be good at. Most likely nothing. So here I am internet. Adding my words to all the other crap that seems to have accumulated here.

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