Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today is drinking day!

Ok so I know I lead an extradinarioly boring life. I know I dont do anything at all. And thats why I drink I suppose. I like drinking alone. I dont generaly like social situations and I dont get invited to enough parties to do my drinking at parties. Besides which, when Im with a bunch of people and I'm drunk I usualy act like an asshole. (but who doesnt?)

I am only 17 and I drink. No one can trace me through the internet and arrest me any way im sure. My parents dont know I driunk. That wouldnt go over well. Could I get arrested for taling about this online? Really what are the rules in regards to that. If a 17 year old tells a cop, last weekend I was drunk as fuck but I have no proof. What would the cop say?

I dont know. someone tell me.

so yes! drinking day! drinking day usualy happens about once a week. right after school i head to one of those conveniant stores in down town (cleveland) because that is where I live.) And then (on a good day) I just walk right up and purchase my schnalk. he gives me what ever  ask for and they never Id. I'm so goddamned tall they probably assume i am an adult. i dunno. I am skinny though. so maybe not. But I dont know if that has anythign to do with it. I am around 6 foot 6 so no one ever questions me really. And then After i get what i want he charges me and i pay and i put it in my back pack and i leave. (its almost alway an old dude. he doesnt speak english)

I was thinking that maybe he does in fact know how old I am because some days when he feels like it he charges me twice as much as he should. I never argue because duh im a minor. But its only whenever he feels like it.

Now on a bad day Which is when there are more then no people there, I have to wait for some homeles fucker to walk by.(don't feel badfor me though because in cleveland that doesnt take too long) I give him thirty and tell him he can keep fifteen if he gets me my shit. (i'm generous to them homeless ya see) only because I know they are probably drunks themselvs and i like helpin people out. I'd be a drunk too. Nuthing better to do.

I'm not too nice though. because I tell them if they
steal my money ill pound their face in. I say they can help me or not. no stealing. (sorry if this is especialy corny i am drunkish. not really though. drinking day has only just begun.) too buzzed to give a fuck about my typos though. Cloud nine now bitches. What did i just say?


the above

a threat
a lapse in concentration
an honest question to get me back to the point

now. the homeless guys have never stolen my money. probably because if im wearing the right clothes no one can tell how bone thin i am. I look giant if a baggy hoodie hides all the bonyness. they probably think ill actually do something. But fuck that id run like a bitch. I am such a mother fucking coward. Id never start join or even stop a fight. And thank god Ive never been shot. stabbed. or anyhting. My poor mother would probably cry her eyes out if she knew the transactions that were happening once a week after school. Queenie would kill me. But queenie shouldnt talk becuase she smokes from time to time. pot and tobacco. I dont smoke anything, I dont need fucking cancer. My life already sucks as it is. I dont want to sound like a weezy bandersnatch. what?


so thats how I get my schnalk. i always get 40 proof vodka and then something else. i mix it up. this week its wine.

Drinking day is one of my favorites. after I get my shit i drive home. and go straight to my room. I'm a moody teenager so my parents leave me alone. I shove my progress report under the door and tell them I'm depressed and then they go away. satisfied with my straigh A's.

Yeah bitch. All honors. all a's. yall can just suck it.

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