Thursday, March 29, 2012

A date

I am going to write at least three entrys today to catch you up.

So. You know that girl I have been texting?
well it got to the point where I was texting her almost every day. shes really sweet. She talks a lot. Well, texts. But the good this about text is that I can just shut my phone off and then look at them when i feel ike it. So It doesnt really bother me.

We like the same music. We both went to warped tour this year. Obviously I didnt know her then. That's awesome.  I cant imagine such a little person in a mosh pit ahahahahah. But apparently she loves those things. I like mosh pits myself. I kinda feel bad tho because I always end up elbowing some kid in the nose. Most recently it was a guy a bit older then me. I hit him in his mouth and broke his incisor.Made his lip bleed. I offered any help I could walked him to the first aid tent, and made sure he was ok. They told me I was not liable for injuries. Thank god. still, I hope someone fixed his tooth.  HOLY FUCKING SHIT I HAD TO STOP WHAT IM DOING BECAUSE THE NEWS JUST SAID THAT. .  . OH OH OH HOT BUTTERED JESUS!


AHHHHHH. I love scotch scotchy scotchy scotch. mm  mmmm mmmm down into my belly.

that girl. her name is Teresa. shes so adorable. We went cosmic bowling, and she looked a bit freaky because she had this light blue make up on her eyes that made her eyes kinda pop and sink into her skull in a creepy way.  I avoided looking directly at her face for this very reason. I dont think she noticed.

When we were back in my car I tried to get some smooches, ya know. :D

 But she put a halt to that right away. Simply smiled at me and planted a kiss on my face
I was only a bit mad. well mad isnt the right term. But I felt kinda anxious. I paid for dinner. Took her bowling and weve been sending text that might be more then a little provocative for the past week. I expected more then a kiss on the cheek. Seriously? My mom gives me a kiss on the cheek.

After the date I drove around near the lake. Through the neghiborhoods I used to know so well. Even at night they are just as I remembered them.

Drove near the house that is near and dear to me. But empty.

That house.

It was a lonely couple of hours.

When I got home at midnight I tired to be as quiet as possible so I wouldn't wake my parents. stepped in feeling almost depressed, so much had changed over the past year and now all i had to show for it was my boring life.

But then when I closed the door and turned around I was facing a mirror. the mirror my family has right in front of the entrance. its a silver oval framed in a curly silver colored wood carving thing.

And I saw the red lipstick on my face. Her kiss. I smiled and for a moment felt that even lifes smallest things can bring warmth.

Climbed the stairs and slept well.

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